India bans bulk SMS as Ayodhya verdict looms

India’s communications ministry has asked all telecom operators in India to ban their bulk SMS facilities until September 29, 2010. This is a preemptive measure to avoid any religious conflicts which could arise because of the pending Ayodhya court verdict.
The Supreme Court today stayed for a week the Ayodhya title suit verdict that was due to be pronounced by Allahabad High Court tomorrow and will hear the plea for deferment of the judgement next Tuesday (September 28). (Business Standard)
Technology and mobiles especially can be a double edged sword. Though it is proven that mobiles improve the economic situation of a family by 5 percent, they can used to provoke people by spamming harmful messages and rumors.With 650 million mobile users a bulk SMS would be catastrophic in a situation like this. Nice move by the government. We will be spam free for the next six days.