Introducing R2-D2′s cousin, the intelligent toilet

Japanese techno-gurus have engineered an intelligent toilet that swallows up poop and pee, provides a free drug test without a probation officer standing over your shoulder, and measures blood measure, to name a few.

Designed by toilet manufacture Toto for Japanese homebuilder Daiwa House, the intelligent toilet offers users “an instant health check-up” every time a user visits the lavatory, reports AFP. This checkup includes urine analysis, blood pressure measurement, body temperature measurement, user weight measurement, and more.

“Our chairman had the idea when he was at a hospital and saw people waiting for health checks,” a spokesman for Daiwa House told AFP. “He thought it would be better if they could do the health tests at home.”

Once information about the user has been collected, it’s automatically submitted to his or her PC, after which it can be emailed to a Doctor. Plus Sony plans to integrate the next version of Everquest with the toilet, meaning creating an avatar will be reduced to going to the bathroom to blow out a load of beans.