Philippines’ #sentisabado craze hits Twitter

Filipino users of Twitter in the Philippines and elsewhere marked September 4 as #sentisabado Day, both hashtag and shorthand for “sentimental Sabado (Saturday)” with hundreds of thousands of tweets looking back to their childhood days from the 1970s to the early 1990s.

The online event carried the theme “our wonder years – flashback to elementary/grade school years”.

The most popular #sentisabado tweets included those about TV shows, movies, basketball players, personalities, advertisements, home appliances, home and school play stuff, and fashion.

Adding “star power” were dozens of TV and movie personalities, journalists and bloggers who also joined #sentisabado. 

In the afternoon, news reports published on Yahoo! News and GMA News helped bring #sentisabado to reach fever pitch. FM radio station Magic 89.9 also aired some of the #sentisabado tweets. 

By 6:00 pm, #sentisabado became a worldwide Twitter trending topic, debuting at No. 4. 

A blogger reported that Filipinos in the United States made #sentisabado No. 1 in at least two major US cities. 

The #sentisabado tweets continued beyond midnight until way past dawn, with Filipinos living in other time zones picking up when homeland-based Filipinos had to finally leave Twitter hours past their usual bedtime.

The first #sentisabado Day was held August 28.

Links to #sentisabado blog posts and writeups are featured on the #sentisabado Facebook Page

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