Google launches Chrome campaign in Indonesia

On Tuesday night at Bengkel Nightpark, Jakarta, Google officially launched their first campaign in Indonesia to promote Google Chrome. From the release received by DailySocial, the campaign which takes ‘Jadikan Internet Seluas Kreasimu’ (Make Internet as Wide as Your Creation) is first the integrated online and offline campaign since Google was established.

DailySocial readers may have read and watch one of the TV advertisement showing this campaign. You may also check it out here. This campaign is an appreciation to web heroes—social evangelist who runs their social activities. Google explained that the video series show the possibilities happen if the internet is blended with human creativity and passion.

Henky Prihatna, Indonesia County Consultant for Google explained “Formerly, internet was used only to find or read information. Nowadays, people keep digging what else can they do on the internet. Internet has been a creative medium where we can do good things for ourselves and other people”.

There are 3 video in series will be on TV: Lia Tersayang (dear Lia), a video about a father who uses internet to save and share the memory since her daughter was born and then grows up. Blood For Life video talks about Valencia Randa who saves people’s life by connecting donor to patients who needs blood. This two video will be on TV 10th September 2011 – 8th October 2011. While Indonesia Berkebun, about by using internet, Ridwan Kamil and friends start a movement called Indonesia Berkebun, a movement to claim back green area in cities. This video will be on TV on 22nd September 2011 – 8th October 2011 (the video link is not available yet).

As mentioned before, this campaign is an online-offline integration. Two of the movement are working offline but using internet to optimize their activities. You will understand this when watching the Google TV advertisement.

From the video I watched, I will boldly say that I like it. In my opinion, Google is smart by using this kind of campaign. By supporting social movements that are not only popular on the internet, it also gives influence, advantages, and inspiration to other people. This approach is more interesting compared to Firefox approach to grass root.

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