Ovum: Mobile users in Asia to reach 4.2bn in 2016

Research company Ovum has predicted that in 2016 Asian mobile phone connections will reach 4.2 billion users. The report stated that 72% of these will be from China, India, and Indonesia.  As a comparison, according to Internet World Stats the total population of China, India, and Indonesia is around 2.8 billion people, of which 625 million are internet users.

The interesting thing is although it has important influence, the revenue from voice calls is decreasing. In 2016, data service is predicted to reach $145 billion, while the revenue from voice call in this period will only around $ 193 billion – decreasing almost $2 billion from what is predicted this year.

Ovum senior analyst, Emeka Obiodu, stated that although the growth of mobile phone users is significant, it will not stop the decreasing of voice revenue.

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