Samsung Galaxy S3 Sales Hit 20 Million in 3 Months

Samsung reports having sold 20 million units of its hugely popular Galaxy S III smartphone, AP reports. That’s a record figure in just three months since the South Koran company launched its flagship smartphone. Launched three months ahead of mobile phone announcements by rivals Apple, Nokia and Motorola, the S III is helping Samsung retain its dominance in the mobile market today.

(Photo copyright Abe Olandres / Tech Wire Asia)

Samsung is engaged in legal disputes with Apple worldwide on whether it copied patented designs and concepts from the iPhone. In the past weeks, Apple won its landmark patent lawsuit in California, in which Samsung had been ordered to pay a bit over US$ 1 billion in damages. While not originally part of the lawsuit, the Galaxy S III is now part of Apple’s “copycat” list submitted with the U.S. court, which involves products that may be part of a sales ban in the country.

It’s still not clear at this point whether the courts will grant Apple’s request for injunction, although the court win and the potential product bans have