Chinese sperm bank entices donors with promise of new iPhones

Pic: AP.

Pic: AP.

An enterprising Chinese sperm bank is using the promise of a new iPhones to encourage men to donate samples.

Shanghai’s Renji Hospital is reportedly offering clients 6,000 yuan (US$940) per 17ml sample — enough to cover the price of a top-of-the line iPhone 6s.

The advertisement for the offer has stirred debate this week, as it states: “No need to sell a kidney, you can still get an iPhone”, apparently referring to a story earlier this week that a man attempted to sell a kidney to get a new iPhone.

The iPhones-for-sperm offer isn’t open to just anyone. Shanghaiist reports that donors must be “165cm tall, they must have a college degree or above, a Chinese ID card and no genetic diseases.”

The offer of cash for sperm donations appears to be a growing trend in China. In July we reported that more than 22,000 Chinese men jumped at the opportunity to donate their sperm via group buying site Alibaba and make up to US$805 in the process.

The offer, which ran from July 15 to 17, proved a massive hit with 22,017 men signing up for sperm donations at one of seven sperm banks nationwide.