Nvidia co-founder and CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang. Pic: Nvidia

Nvidia announces more effective artificial intelligence computer for Baidu car

NVIDIA Corp announced the debut of a smaller and more efficient artificial intelligence (AI) system for self-driving cars that would operate Baidu’s navigation and autonomous vehicle technology.

The American chipmaker, based in California, also plans to embed its products with AI systems that are becoming more and more a part of our daily lives with its new processors.

According to a Reuters report, Nvidia debuted its new Drive PX 2 at the GPU Technology Conference in Beijing. Chinese web giant Baidu will roll out the in-vehicle computer as its autonomous driving computer system.

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Vehicle makers are increasingly developing plans for an advanced self-driving technology to release cars with this function within the next decade or less. As such, Nvidia is attempting to help the industry by providing powerful computers to automakers around the world.

Nvidia and Baidu recently announced an official partnership to establish a complete autonomous driving structure with both corporations’ know-how in AI, from the cloud to the vehicle.

Nvidia’s latest Drive PX 2 computer, which launched in January, uses 10 watts of power and is half the size of the original version.

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This feature bridged a gap encountered by automakers incorporating self-driving technology in their vehicles on how to integrate artificial intelligence into a compact computer that is compatible with production-ready vehicles.

Configured with a single processor, the Drive PX 2 combines incoming data from sensors and uses deep neural networks to produce a complex picture of objects around a vehicle.