Instagram wants to be more friendly to marketers and businesses, and has released new tools to help them reach audiences more effectively. Source: Shutterstock

3 ways Instagram just made it easier to market yourself on Stories

INSTAGRAM is continuing its plan to be more advertiser-friendly with the release of new ad-tools that make it easier for marketers to add its Snapchat-like service, “Stories”, to their social media strategy.

Since Instagram launched data analytics for businesses, the company has begun to get serious about making the platform business-friendly through a series of tools aimed at making it easier to reach audiences. Brands, influencers and businesses are increasingly turning to the photo-sharing app – and away from Snapchat, who originated the disappearing photo format – for their social media marketing needs.

Brands and marketers are evidently incredibly excited about the potential of Instagram Stories to reach their audiences. According to BI Intelligence, over 50 percent of businesses who have an Instagram presence have used Stories at least one a month, while 20 percent of businesses who use the tool receive direct messages from users.

Instagram just revealed three new tools in the Stories platform that simplify ad buying and serving processes, partly through proprietary tech but also in partnership with parent company, Facebook Inc., who has radically redefined the rules of digital advertising today. The addition of Instagram will surely help solidify Facebook’s rule of digital ad spend.

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Advertising goes native

The new tools are designed to help brands and marketers capture more attention from Instagram’s young and connected user base. According to BI Intelligence, Instagram may be racking up lower use times than Snapchat in younger age groups, Instagram is still preferred by marketers who see Instagram as having a bigger window of opportunity.


Instagram will now allow businesses to convert existing Stories into ads, making them more authentic and acceptable for users. Pic: Instagram

Instagram will now allow businesses to integrate Stories ads with Facebook’s Canvas ad format, which are full-screen, immersive mobile ad units that contain both videos and calls to action. The tool will be a boon for e-commerce companies looking to connect communication with purchase capabilities.

“Marketers are able to use the creative versatility of Canvas to tell compelling brand and product stories. This seamless extension of the full screen experience allows advertisers to capture the attention of customers with just a single ad,” said Instagram in a blog post.

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Secondly, Instagram will also allow businesses to retroactively convert existing Stories into ads, via a tool in Power Editor and Ads Manager. The integration of the tool will save marketers plenty of time as they won’t have to focus merely on creating ad-specific stories, but rather Stories that are both authentic and gripping. The tool will be especially useful for businesses with shoestring budgets, or those peddling in experiences and relatability.

Converted ads are more likely to appeal to younger audiences who have high skepticism of polished ads. By incorporating existing Instagram features such as face filters and boomerangs, marketers will be able to produce advertising that’s both appealing and attractive to users.

Finally, businesses will also be able to include Stories with their Facebook and Facebook Audience Network campaigns. Doing so will help businesses create seamless, cross-platform experiences, as well as build cohesive messages.