google headquarters

(File) Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, California, US. Source: Shutterstock

Google services suffer major worldwide outage

GOOGLE SUITE underwent a major system malfunction on Tuesday with users of the company’s services and platforms all across the world reporting patchy access to Maps, YouTube, Drive and Gmail.

The issues have been resolved, the company said, but the effects of the malfunction present a clear idea of the issues caused by a system that millions across the world depend on.

It’s especially significant considering the fact that Tuesday was a big day in the tech world, with Apple’s iPhone launch event at the Steve Jobs Theater.

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The Independent reported that the main Google site was inaccessible in parts of the UK, France, North American and the US. DownDectector, a website which charts issues with major websites, reported that the number of reports of Google not working surged around 4AM BST.

According to comments on DownDetector’s page, Drive is not syncing documents and autosave is not working, while Hangouts is also not working.

Some users are reporting that YouTube is still available on mobile but desktop versions are not working.