The All That Matters festival has been successful at bringing together and interlinking different corners of the entertainment, music and content industries to investigate the effect of technology on them. Source: Shutterstock

All That Matters Festival digs deep into big issues in content, marketing

SINGAPORE will once again play host to the annual All That Matters conference, with the latest 2017 edition continuing conversations about how technology is disrupting the entertainment, content and marketing industries, and how players are responding.

Hosted at the Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore, All That Matters is a multi-disciplinary peek into the latest innovations and insights by some of the best in the business. Among some of the luminaries that will be attending are Rugby World Cup COO and operations head Alan Gilpin; Formula 1 CEO and chairman Chase Carey; APAC’s Spotify manager Sunita Kaur; Tencent Music Entertainment CEO Cussion Pang, and many others.

The fans are most certainly in control of the digital media and entertainment industry, according to Donat. Source: Branded

The festival is a long-running event whose success has been a testament to how intertwined all forms of content have become. Music is interlocked with branding and video, which relies heavily on social media, online marketing and digital platform, which has produced a whole new way of accessing sports content.

“The digital media and entertainment industry is being blown wide open and the fan is most certainly in control,” said Jasper Donat, the CEO of organizing company Branded.

“The program for this year’s All That Matters is more diverse and more comprehensive than ever before reflecting the quantum change that this industry is enjoying.”

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This year, All That Matters will once again expand their lineup to include the latest and greatest in the gaming industry. The festival will explore how e-sports has burst onto the scene as one of the hottest sports for both gamers and audiences around the world. The panels will give businesses great insights into how the expansion of e-sports is helping to drive growth for other industries. Twitch COO Kevin Lin will be speaking about how his company has helped blend the glories of community with gaming.


Other tracks include the Online Matters section, where various content platforms will investigate the video revolution, and how the biggest names in the industry such as Netflix, YouTube, VICE and Mediacorp are tackling these changes. The Marketing Matters track will follow how advertisers and marketers have to change up their game to stay relevant in the digital future.

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At the heart of All That Matters is a focus on the developments and sea shifts the music industry is experiencing. It’s no secret platforms like Spotify, YouTube,, and others are transforming the way we listen to music, as well as the way traditional labels, musicians and managers approach the musical arts.

The Music Matters panels will engage with the likes of Tencent Music Entertainment Group, YouTube and BMG to really dig into what’s next for the future of music innovation and its business side. The festival will also explore the commercialization of e-sports, rugby, and golf across Asia today.