Trello has risen the ranks to become one of the most popular tech tools for SMEs. Source: Trello

Trello now wants to live on your desktop

AFTER six years and a high-profile acquisition by Atlassian, however, Trello is finally branching out with the launch of a dedicated desktop applications for both Mac and Windows users.

The company announced the new features in a recent press release, and detailed the new desktop tool which would have all the features of Trello’s browser-based system, plus the advantage of being able to function without depending on an internet browser.

Apart from its independence from web browsers, Trello’s desktop applications for Mac and Windows include several new features. Among these are the ability to get native desktop notifications and the capability to add cards from any location using the program’s wide variety of nifty keyboard shortcuts.

Trello has become a tool for users of all kinds, from financial services organizations to interior designers. Source: Trello

Over the years, Trello has become one of the most prolific project management software in the market. The software is based off the super popular “Kanban” workflow, which utilizes simple movable boards as a means to emphasize visual task management. Trello has become a favorite among businesses of all sizes, from SMEs to larger corporations. While Trello is well-loved, however, it had one particular quirk – it was entirely web-based.

Due to its Internet-based nature, the project management program never really managed to integrate itself fully into workflows that are not based on a web browser. Thus, while the advantages of utilizing Trello in the workplace is undeniable, only enterprises that work exclusively on the web have been able to benefit from the program’s capabilities fully.

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Interestingly, Trello has created something special for its Mac users, too. Many enterprises in the market function within the Mac ecosystem, and a lot of workers, especially in the graphics and coding industry, utilize Apple’s MacBook Pro laptops as their device of choice. With this in mind, Trello has made it a point to make its desktop Mac software fully compatible with the MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar, with users being able to navigate and open new boards from the laptop’s sleek touch panel.

Trello aspires to become integrated to workflows of non-web companies through its new desktop offering. Source: UE

The addition of desktop apps for Mac and Windows users are just the beginning of Trello’s expansion, however. As stated in Trello’s recent announcement, the program’s iconic cards would be getting an upgrade, with attachments no longer showing up as simple links. With the update, users would immediately be able to tell if attachments are cards or boards.

Trello is also getting an upgrade regarding its integration with Stride, Atlassian’s response to the widely-used Slack. Together with the dedicated desktop Mac and Windows programs, Trello users would now be able to initiate Stride audio and video calls within the program itself. This will, of course, make conferences between Trello board members extremely straightforward and convenient, as everything could be done within the application.

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Trello has made a name for itself as one of the most effective web-based collaboration programs in the market, and its simplicity and ease of use has made it a favorite among SMEs all over the world. With the addition of dedicated desktop apps, Trello continues to prove that it is one of the most progressive project management systems in the market.