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Australian businesses, here’s how you can get ahead with IoT

Australian businesses have been getting increasingly comfy with technology over the last couple of years.

Be it cloud adoption or machine learning, businesses in the land down under are fast realizing the potential of higher technological use.

With IoT usage increasing, Australian businesses need to have the right infrastructures in place to ensure they get the best results. And to have the right infrastructures, they’d need to have sufficient tools that can allow them to not only have increased visibility, but also the ability to support a variety of use cases within different industries.

The five main industries in Australia that are seeing increased IoT usage are construction, manufacturing, healthcare, mining, and the agriculture, fishing, and forestry industries. PwC predicts that across these five industries that represent 25% of Australia’s GDP, IoT can achieve potential annual benefits of A$194 to A$308 billion over eight to 18 years.

Despite the IoT industry being dominated by multinational heavyweights, PwC identified significant opportunities to develop the future of its domestic industries.

This allows them to maintain control over domestic communications in the networking space and become a leader in selected applications. It also enables organizations to capture the value of localized solution services as well as enhance quality and applicability in the domestic market.

As mentioned, however, for these to happen, having the right infrastructure is a necessity. And this is where companies like Telstra come into play. The Australian telecommunications company is responsible for building and operating telecommunication networks, as well as provide voice, mobile, internet access, and other products and services, including IoT network services.

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Telstra and Cisco

To provide advanced connectivity management for IoT services for businesses, Telstra has collaborated with Cisco to offer the Telstra Control Centre powered by Cisco.

Using Cisco’s IoT Control Center SaaS solution, Telstra currently serves thousands of customers including Australia’s major financial institutions, retailers, and government, offering more visibility and flexibility to better manage their businesses and turn IoT data into effective decision-making tools.

A market-leading mobile IoT SaaS platform, Cisco’s IoT Control Centre currently serves the connected car industry and is used by more than 50 service provider networks and 30,000 enterprises supporting more than 185 million connected devices. With Telstra, Cisco will explore 5G use cases that will drive value, including private 5G, as the platform supports both 5G standalone (SA) and non-standalone (NSA) networks.

Why Australian businesses should be looking at IoT

According to Mark Chapman, Group Owner of Industry Solutions and IoT, Telstra, they are now Australia’s largest IoT network with over four million IoT devices connected. Scaling up IoT software and platform offerings across industry verticals enables them to be an IoT global leader.

“Working with Cisco, our management platform helps customers automate and manage large-scale IoT deployments easily and cost-effectively.

“This means customers can be faster to market, lower costs, increase reliability, and take actions through the platform’s insights,” said Mark.

For Masum Mir, Vice President, Mobility, Automation, and IoT Control, Cisco, continuous empowerment of the autonomous industries and connected communities in Australia with smart infrastructure designed to support the future of connectivity with 5G is key.

For Australian businesses, 5G will only enable them to have better business outcomes through their IoT devices. With more use cases being developed for both 5G and IoT, integrating them across industries will be essential in ensuring they can deliver the best results.