Continental and Singtel partner to develop 5G automotive applications.

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Continental and Singtel partner to develop 5G automotive applications in this new era of mobility

  • Continental signs MoUs with Hyundai Motor Group, including Hyundai Motor Company and Kia Corporation, and Singtel, and a joint agreement with Go-Ahead Singapore and NTU Singapore
  • The most recent partnerships’ innovations could boost Singapore’s transportation ecosystem’s safety, connectivity, and convenience

The twenty-first century is known as the “connected” century, and thanks to research and development, wireless communication technology has grown quickly in recent years. In particular, with 5G deployments currently underway, many people have questions concerning 5G applications and use cases.

What will the “connected” life look like once the roll-out is complete? 5G will change everything, that much is certain. Numerous new applications that are currently impractical will be made possible, especially in metropolitan settings and cities.

In fact, Singapore is already on the move. Over 95% of the country’s population now has access to standalone 5G, according to Singtel. This makes Singapore the first nation in the world to have standalone 5G coverage throughout, more than three years ahead of the regulation deadline of the end of 2025.

Not only that. By assembling industry experts, the nation hopes to advance the initiative even more. Three Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) were signed by Continental with regional and international partners at the inaugural Continental Singapore TechFest. The technology company signed separate memorandums of understanding (MoUs) with Singtel, Go-Ahead Singapore, Hyundai Motor Group (including Hyundai Motor Company and Kia Corporation), and Nanyang Technological University in Singapore (NTU Singapore).

Each MOU makes use of Continental’s knowledge and the technological prowess of the various partners to speed the development of innovative commercial mobility solutions with the goal of enhancing goods transport and revolutionizing the mobility experience.

The main goal is to transform the mobility ecosystem, and their efforts will be multifaceted, according to Lo Kien Foh, President and CEO of Continental Automotive Singapore. The company is committed to working closely with their partners to drive innovation and pave the way for the safe and intelligent mobility of the future.

“With these partnerships, we are combining our world-leading technologies with unparalleled technical expertise and innovation towards a common goal. Together with our like-minded partners, our joint forces will significantly accelerate the technologies needed to shape the future of mobility” he commented.

Powering up 5G automotive applications

The strength, reliability, latency, and security of network connectivity are crucial for the success and efficiency of digital initiatives. Singtel achieves this through its industry-leading Paragon platform, industry-leading 5G and Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) infrastructure and solutions, as well as its expertise in cybersecurity.

Through this agreement, Continental will also be able to utilize Singtel’s MEC solutions from its ecosystem partners, including hyperscalers like Microsoft Azure, at the edge, further enhancing the situational awareness of Continental’s car systems and enhancing overall road safety. Vehicle to Cloud communication (V2C), which transmits comprehensive and real-time data for analysis, and remote teleoperation or control of AMRs are other automotive applications that will be explored.

According to Bill Chang, Chief Executive Officer, Group Enterprise and Regional Data Center Business, Singtel, industries, businesses, and public sector organizations are beginning to recognize the disruptive power of 5G.

“Singtel’s pervasive 5G network and its innovative Paragon Edge cloud platform offering high bandwidth, low latency connectivity and compute capabilities, coupled with Continental’s deep expertise in automotive innovation, will propel new growth in smart mobility and fleet management. Such improvements will create safer, smarter, connected and more efficient urban mobility solutions, and in so doing, will advance Singapore’s Smart Nation vision,” Chang explained.

Other key announcements:

  • The partnership between Continental and Hyundai Motor Group, which comprises Hyundai Motor Company and Kia Corporation, is expected to strengthen Continental’s reputation as a forward-thinking technology company as both parties work to unearth insightful information about new business fields.
  • Continental-NTU Corporate Lab and Go-Ahead Singapore will collaborate for two years to develop and improve the driving safety management systems for its fleet of buses, ensuring that the larger community would also profit from Continental’s cutting-edge solutions.

All things considered, 5G applications will alter the way businesses see connectivity for their networks. Through collaborations, inventions and creative ideas can be transformed into outcomes that improve economic advantages and quality of life.