40pc of Internet users are from Asia


The Asia-Pacific region accounts for 39.8 percent of all Internet users in the world. Europe comes next with 27.6 percent and North America’s share is 15.9 percent in the global internet audience. This is as per August 2010 data from Comscore. We already know that Asia will be a $80 bn market by 2015. 

Coming to the global market for Twitter reach, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines and Singapore are the four Asian countries which figure in the top 10 list for Twitter. Together these four Asian countries has a percent reach of 65 percent reach in the top 10 list.

Asia as a region leads in terms of hours spent on YouTube. Four Asian countries Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan and Malaysia figure in the top 10 List.

In spite of 40 percent of Internet user coming from Asia, Facebook display ads doesn’t seem to reflect that. The display ad impressions across markets doesn’t figure a Asian country in the top 5.

The four charts above are from ComScore’s Data Mine.  A real gem of analytic data and charts.