Former burglar installs locks In homes of victims

With all of the ironic pathos of an O’ Henry tale, in Chongqing, China, a former burglar who invented a type of fingerprint recognition lock, is installing it into the homes of crime victims free of charge!

burglar1 Former Burglar Installs Locks In Homes Of Victims picture

While serving a four-year jail sentence for burglary, Yang Guihua, aged 29, developed his invention, gained a patent for his idea while still in prison and set up a company to manufacture the locks when he was freed.

These locks rely on biometric technology, which utilizes human traits in order to provide access to a secured area. In the famous thriller, the Da Vinci Code, the retina of an eye was the body part used to create a template for registration.

Recognition locks are not new and there are other similar locks on the market, but Yang insists that it is impossible to copy his lock once it is installed and it is also keyless, which sets it apart from others of its ilk.