IE loses ground in battle of the browsers

Internet Explorer’s global market share has fallen from 67 percent to 49.87 percent. Most of its lost market share has been picked up by Google’s Chrome which, at 11.54 percent, has tripled its market share since last year. Not bad for a toddler. Internet Explorer (IE) might not be happy with this drop in share but would be chipper about one thing. There will not be any anti-trust suits anymore.

I have followed the battle of the browsers closely over the years. I started with Netscape Navigator, which was much better than Internet Explorer. IE killed it and became the super power. Everyone was stuck with IE. Then came Firefox and its tabbed browsing. Firefox took some crowd away from IE. When it was time for another browser, Chrome stepped in. Chrome simplified the interface and found a loyal following. 

India mirrors the global trend. IE has dropped to 43.5 percent. Firefox has been steady at 33 percent. Google Chrome has gone from 8.84 percent in Sep 2009 to 19.83 percent in Sep 2010. Much higher than the global average.


I cannot remember when I opened IE last. May be for one of the Indian government sites which are optimized for IE.