Nokia Siemens tests 4G in India


We might still be waiting for 3G network but Nokia Siemens Networks has made their first video call over TD+LTE, a fourth generation network (4G). The call was made on a 2.3 GHz spectrum band reserved for Broadband Wireless Access (BWA).

There are seven operators who have successfully bid for BWA spectrum.

  1. Infotel is the only provider which has spectrum in 22 circles. This is bought by Reliance Industries.
  2. Aircel has spectrum in eight circles.
  3. Tikona has spectrum in five circles.
  4. Qualcomm and Bharti have spectrum in four circles.
  5. Augere has spectrum in one circle.
  6. The usual suspects BSNL+MTNL have spectrum in all 22 circles.

“The capability of the 4G networks go beyond those of 3G, ensure better user experience and better spectral efficiency, all of which are important because users need to handle more data,” Mr. Pennanen said. He said the TD-LTE technology had been deployed by 17 operators across the world and several more are in the process of going on that platform. He said NSN’s acquisition of Motorola’s Wimax assets would result in NSN being in a position to “offer even more solutions to operators.” (Hindu)

NSN, which is laying 3G networks for quite a few operators, is the preferred vendor of choice. In all likelihood it would be laying out networks for BWA operators too. In that context, the technology choice between WiMAX and LTE becomes highly important. Who chooses what is a big question in which has billions of dollars at stake. Choice of Reliance Industries is of utmost importance.

WiMax or LTE, India’s wait for 4G might not be as long as its wait for 3G.