Touch screen just got niftier with Samsung Continuum


Apple rules the touch screen market right now with its iPhone. It is not without competition though. Apple has started the touch screen revolution and most companies just followed, without questioning if the touch screen should work exactly like what Apple has designed. That might change soon with so many players getting in on the market.  

Samsung’s Continuum is one such touch screen. The screen is split with a larger area for general usage and smaller area (called as Ticker) for the regular use. Engadget has exclusive pictures of this phone. And this feature is not available in iPhone which is a big relief because not everybody is following Apple.  

How can we use this little screen? Anyone who has used the iPhone would say that the battery life on it is not good. Biggest reason for this is the need to go to the main screen for doing simple things like checking missed calls, time or other things which do not need the whole screen to light. This new screen from Samsung would change that. It would increase the utility of the phone and with multiple touch inputs it would increase the screen real estate.