Salam World: The Facebook of them Muslim world… seriously?

When I heard the news about yet another social network site with Islamic content, honestly I accepted it skeptically. Even more so when I read that Salam World that is to be Facebook with an Islamic concept. As cited from some media, Salam World management is now visiting Indonesia, including Majelis Ulama Indonesia (Indonesian Ulema Council), the Ministry of Religion, Bank Muamalat to promote its product that will launch in April 2012.

Salam World is owned by some Russians and Turks who will invest $ 15 million to open its branches in 16 countries with large Muslim populations, including Indonesia. Beside that, in two years Salam World will spend $ 40 million on infrastructure and further expansion. It is a bombastic number for me. Next, Salam World is going to develop the internet payment concept using a kind of electronic gold or electronic dinar. Therefore Salam World is trying to collaborate with Bank Muamalat as a partner in Indonesia.

My skepticism is reasonable. If you visit the site, it does not look like a multi-million dollar project. It looks more like a  1990s design and not interesting for users…

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