Protesters hack Thai websites over plan for single gateway

Thailand's MICT website was 'under maintenance' for much of Thursday.

Thailand’s MICT website was ‘under maintenance’ for much of Thursday.

BANGKOK (AP) — Protesters have blocked access to several Thai government websites over a plan to route all Internet traffic though a single gateway, which would make it easier for the military junta to monitor and censor communications.

Government officials have given different explanations for the plan, including that it would save money and stop young people from accessing inappropriate sites, and have said in response to criticism that it is still under study.

Critics charge it is designed to spy on and stifle political opposition and would make Thailand’s international Internet access more fragile by forcing it through a single choke point.

The websites of the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology and other agencies were temporarily knocked out Wednesday and Thursday after activists accessed them repeatedly, overwhelming their servers.