PCCW and DHQ to expand Tap & Go mobile contactless payment service into more cities Source:

Future ‘smart city’ Hengqin to pilot multi-currency Tap & Go technology

PCCW Global, the international division of Hong Kong’s largest telecommunications operator HKT, is joining up with China-based Zhuhai Da Hengqin Science and Technology Development (DHQ Tech) to expand the operator’s Tap & Go mobile contactless payment service into the Greater Bay area of Zhuhai, Hong Kong and Macau.

The Tap & Go service is at present provided in Hong Kong through HKT Payment Limited, a member of HKT Group.

HKT’s Tap & Go service enables cashless transactions between consumers and merchants using a mobile phone app, making use of either an all-in-one SIM in an NFC-enabled mobile phone or an NFC-enabled Tap & Go card.

Tap & Go accounts can also receive top-up funds via inter-account transfers from over 40 designated banks via credit card or manually using cash at local top-up locations.

For money transfers, Tap & Go supports instant peer-to-peer money transfer and primary to subsidiary card relationships, as well as integration with management systems at schools, large-scale housing estates or clubs.

Mr. Frederick Chui, Senior Vice President of Global Data Sales and Presales, PCCW Global, said, “Our collaboration with DHQ Tech will enable Tap & Go users to pay for goods and services regardless of where in the world they originate from, or in which currency they wish to pay”.

He adds, “Having to convert between currencies is an inconvenience for tourists and business traders. Tap & Go is uniquely positioned to overcome all the hassles associated with making payments between currencies, and we expect ease of operation to deliver real benefits for regional trade and tourism.”

Lianbing Deng, executive director and GM of DHQ Tech, said: “The first step is to test the technology and to ensure regulatory compliance.”

PCCW and DHQ plan a pilot programme in the city of Hengqin to test the technology and ensure regulatory compliance. Hengqin represents the ideal market to explore the service, being one of China’s Pilot Free Trade Zones (FTZs). Pilot FTZs pioneer a degree of openness with foreign investment and international trade in goods and services, with the primary objective of promoting and leading the development of an open Chinese economy.


Within close proximity of Hong Kong and covering an area of 106.46 square kilometers,  Hengqin offers immense trade and business potential.

Chui added, “Hengqin represents the ideal region to roll out the Tap & Go service and technology. PCCW Global and DHQ Tech will work together to ensure there are appropriate compliance measures within the framework of advanced technology application. After initial rollout, we look forward to expanding the service to the entire Greater Bay Area and other countries through cooperation with international service providers.”

This collaboration follows the signed agreement between PCCW Global and DHQ Tech in March to explore the technological and regulatory viability of developing Hengqin into a “Smart City”; a global business and communications hub.

The organizations aim to position Hengqin as a world-leading Internet business environment, in order to attract foreign investment and support enterprise customers, start-ups and hi-tech research and development centers with the latest ICT technologies.

The collaboration will leverage PCCW Global’s advanced international infrastructure in order to position Hengqin as a strategic gateway for China to communicate with the rest of the world, and for the rest of the world to communicate and trade with China.