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Hybrid relaunches Tech Wire Asia, reveals plans for global tech site

TECH WIRE ASIA is proud to present a progressive new look for the relaunch of our site by our parent company, the digital publisher Hybrid.

Tech Wire Asia is Hybrid’s online content platform for technology news and insights for Asian enterprises. We’ve long prided ourselves as a source of stories about how technology and business intersect to make magic, and we’re happy we have a site that reflects our ambition and hope for the future.

The launch, which follows Hybrid’s rebrand in July, represents yet another major milestone for our ambitious parent company, which has taken bold moves in recent years to make its mark on the global media landscape.

Tech Wire Asia is looking to tell Asia’s technology stories. Source: Shutterstock

This year, fuelled by rapid growth over the last 18 months, Tech Wire Asia boasts 1.5 million monthly unique visitors and expects to generate over US$1.4 million in advertising and branded content revenues. In 2018, the site’s unique readership is projected to hit a monthly average of four million.

Hybrid’s founder and managing director James Craven said Tech Wire Asia‘s new look was designed with our audience in mind: mobile-friendly, as 70 percent of the site’s readership comes from mobile.

“In the digital age, you must be adaptive to stay relevant. Tech Wire Asia knows this because we are who we write for,” Craven explained.

He adds that in line with the relaunch, Tech Wire Asia has sharpened its editorial focus to provide greater clarity and value for its target audience. Instead of reporting the news on and about technology, the site’s expanding team of writers produces in-depth stories on the “hows” and “whys” of technology and its impact on the growing business.

This, Craven said, is in recognition of the marked shift in Asia’s media consumption habits in recent years, characterized by impressive growth in the region’s overall digital adoption rates.

According to recent data, digital connectivity in the Asia Pacific has reached 47 percent penetration with an estimated 1.9 billion Internet users, marking an 8 percent increase from last year. He said these numbers made Asia’s digital landscape for media and business ripe with potential, and investors and innovators had taken notice.

Hybrid has offices in Bristol, Sydney and Kuala Lumpur. Source: Shutterstock

With an editorial team based in the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur, and advertising teams in Bristol, UK, and Sydney, Australia, the site has charted remarkable audience growth.

On top of high-quality independent content, Tech Wire Asia also creates bespoke campaigns for its clients via a variety of formats, from branded content to display ads, video, and audio. Some of its key advertisers include Sage, Exact, Oracle, Adobe and SAP.

Craven attributed Tech Wire Asia‘s success to Asia’s robust SME market and its appetite for relevant and insightful content on technology and its uses.

“Across Asia, there is massive growth in the entrepreneurial start-up scene through to maturing mid-size businesses,” he said.

“Our editorial team writes real stories that offer actionable insights to our audience.”

We’d also like to thank you, our audience, for sticking with us as we learned, evolved and improved our content to match your needs and interest. Thank you for your support and time, and we hope you’ll continue to read us as we strive to produce better, more compelling stories about technology.

On Hybrid’s future plans for growth, Craven said the company expects to open a global technology site for the SME market in December 2017. The website, he explains, will be run and operated from a new office space in the US.

Apart from Tech Wire Asia, Hybrid’s current websites include Asian Correspondent, Travel Wire Asia and Study International. In October 2017, traffic to the combined portfolio exceeded 8.5 million unique visitors.

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Clara Chooi (Editor-in-Chief), Malaysia: +60-327-123-150 (GMT +8)

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