Unlike most CRM systems available, Adsoup integrates all social messaging, Email and live chat into one single dashboard. Source: Shutterstock

Thailand startup to simplify CRM for digital agencies

FOR any marketing agency or sales team, monitoring client conversations and keeping track of revenue and conversion rates in a sales pipeline can be a bit of an administrative nightmare.

This is especially so when multiple channels are used to track inbound sales leads, which is often the case for most businesses.

Ben Powell, a digital marketing agency owner based in Thailand, saw the problem and set out to find a solution.

“As an agency owner, every CRM on the market only tracked the first enquiry conversion. But I had a multistage sales process, and was using multiple platforms to advertise and communicate with possible clients,” he said in a press release to Tech Wire Asia.

He explained that some of his clients still used spreadsheets and Gmail to manage sales, which only complicated the process further as it became near impossible to track revenue that way.

“Again, all the current tools on the market just track the first conversation,” he said.

“I was using three or four different paid tools just to do one job of selling!” he added.

With a team of developers, Powell built Adsoup, a sales CRM web app that unifies social messaging, email and live chats into a simple, single dashboard, and has the ability to report on revenue generated from every sales lead.

That means sales teams are able to respond quickly to clients or customers, and track that interaction as it moves down the pipeline. Even if the client uses different platforms to communicate (say if he moves from Facebook to LINE and then email), the interaction still takes place on a single unified platform.

And from start to finish, every interaction is treated like a chat. This is in recognition of a growing interest in chatbots, with more consumers today saying they would more likely shop with a business they can message directly.

Quoting findings from a recent Nielsen Facebook messaging survey, Adsoup said 67 percent of mobile messaging app users expect to use chat more for communicating with businesses over the next two years.

The result of this tool, according to Powell, is improved response time, enhanced accuracy in reporting and better revenue forecasting.

“Your pipeline tracks the sale no matter how long it takes. You will get definitive data on where your marketing money is best spent.”

On the future of Adsoup, Powell said: “The tech team are working hard to develop more features in the application, such as more channels, autoresponder Bots and time management tools.”