Volkswagen revamps its vocational training program. Source: Volkswagen

Volkswagen revamps its vocational training program. Source: Volkswagen

Volkswagen transforms vocational training to support its digital ambitions

VOLKSWAGEN is a EUR235.8 billion (US$278 billion) automotive giant that has a finger on the pulse of the customer, the market, and its employees.

Accelerating into the digital-first era with connected and intelligent cars such as the latest edition of the Golf — a car that has been in production for more than four decades and has delighted more than 35 million customers — Volkswagen has a knack for reinventing itself.

The new Golf even boasts of “swarm intelligence”; In the world of automobiles, the capability is born when connected cars communicate with one another to avoid collision and share information.

To ensure that the company is able to produce and service such new-age vehicles in a sustainable fashion for the foreseeable future, Volkswagen has transformed its vocational training program.

“Today, the world of work, technologies and forms of cooperation are changing faster than ever before, said Volkswagen Board Member for Human Resources Gunnar Kilian.

“That is why we are aligning our vocational training with foresight, because we are convinced that specialists with first-rate qualifications are one of the foundations for technological top performance and sustainable commercial success in the digital age, too.”

The company’s stakeholders involved in its educational initiatives realized that vocational trainees and students on dual study programs are highly motivated and a positive asset for every technical department — and therefore, feel that the technical departments must give them even greater opportunities.

“In this age of digitalization, we must once and for all bring together vocational training, professional development and skills acquisition under one roof with a consistent approach,” commented another stakeholder.

In the press release announcing the improvement, Head of the Volkswagen Group Academy Ralph Linde revealed that new technologies and digital media play an important role in the company’s vocational training.

According to Linde, Volkswagen’s instructors serve as learning guides and use a variety of methods to support the needs of its vocational trainees.

“This is how we train skilled, committed, and team-oriented specialists and encourage them to engage in continuous learning.”

According to the company, trainees have an opportunity to not only learn about cutting-edge technologies that the automaker is using in its cars but also have an opportunity to use the company’s in-house platforms, augmented reality systems, and other training facilities that use iPads and QR codes.

Volkswagen has a massive workforce with thousands of workers across the globe. Upgrading its vocational and other training programs will definitely help it stay ahead of the competition as cars go digital and customers demand for new-age, digital-first services and solutions.