Employees' UX is important in order to successfully automate work processes. Source: Zalora

Employees’ UX is important in order to successfully automate work processes. Source: Zalora

Zalora values automation systems that enhance employee experiences

SOLUTIONS that are too complicated to navigate make automation projects difficult as employees need to be trained extensively.

However, Zalora is trying to stay ahead of the curve by deploying an automation solution that uses a continuous improvement approach and is focused on helping create better user experiences (UX).

Employees in Zalora’s warehousing and logistics operations — the users of its systems — are at the center point of its technology solutions.

In an interview with Tech Wire Asia, Zalora Chief Operations Officer (COO) Rostin Javadi said that the company is developing efficient technology solutions with simple user interfaces that make navigation and operation almost effortless.

The company achieves this by consistently making an effort to fine-tune every work process, automating relevant warehousing workloads, and training employees to be able to use those tools effectively.

“We were able to have a learning curve of less than 2 hours,” Javadi told us, further reinforcing the fact that the employees found new solutions intuitive and simple to use. As a result, the company is able to build a harmonious working environment between warehouse and logistics employees and automation systems.

Javadi also claims that the efficiency and effectiveness of its UX-first systems allow the company to scale up its average orders during peak seasons without worrying about overloading its staff.

Zalora also believes in reducing workloads to minimize the time required for operations while also maximizing operational efficiencies.

The company’s various automation efforts help it deliver on the promise of next-day shipments — which is a big draw in Asia.

Processes from quality control to packing can be done within the span of a couple of hours, making express shipping and delivery possible for the company. Moving forward, Zalora believes that developing more automation solutions could take the company to new highs.

The company is quite successful in the e-commerce space, providing an exciting experience to customers. With new automation projects in the pipeline and stronger harmony between employees and technology solutions, Zalora has the potential to continue delighting customers as well as employees.