GovWare Conference and Exhibition returns in October to foster a safe and sustainable cyberspace

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GovWare Conference and Exhibition returns in October to foster a safe and sustainable cyberspace

Cybersecurity and the threat landscape are both dynamic, and this has been especially true recently. Many corporate security teams are finding it difficult to keep up with attacks that are becoming more frequent and complex as the cyber threat landscape changes in the cyberspace.

To address this issue, the GovWare Conference and Exhibition will return this year bigger, better, and in person! The Asia’s Premier Cybersecurity event will be held in Singapore on October 18–20, 2022, and will bring together cybersecurity trailblazers, business executives, and policymakers to address real challenges, exchange best practises, and discover new opportunities.

GovWare, based in Singapore, is the region’s leading cybersecurity information and connectivity platform.

The top cybersecurity trends for this year are driven by the modern organization’s ever-growing digital presence. As firms’ digital footprints grow and centralized cybersecurity control becomes obsolete, security and risk executives are at a crisis in this evolving cyberspace. The emphasis of this year’s program will be on key topics like:

  • Factors to take into account while responding holistically to cyberattacks like ransomware and data breaches
  • Cybersecurity applications
  • Cutting-edge cybersecurity technology
  • Operational considerations
  • Thought leadership and cybersecurity strategy

The event this year also features a diverse line-up of keynote speakers who will discuss the most recent trends in cybersecurity, including:

  • Bryan Palma, Chief Executive Officer, Trellix
  • Kumar Ritesh, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Cyfirma
  • John Suffolk, President and Global Cyber Security & Privacy Officer, Huawei
  • Ed Soo Hoo, Chief Technology Officer, WW Global Accounts, Lenovo

Who attends and what to expect?

GovWare draws a distinguished group of participants from APAC and other regions, including Australasia, North America, and the UK, including c-suite executives, policy-makers, and fellow academics.

GovWare offers great opportunities to form new connections and enhancing existing ones by fusing learning, networking, and fun. GovWare is also a part of Singapore International Cyber Week (SICW). Tech Wire Asia is a media partner of SICW and will cover all the fascinating programs from SICW.

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