Philippine – Time to say goodbye to data problems with Snowflake near you

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Solving data management problems in the Philippines

  • Building a modern data platform is a way to solve data problems
  • Snowflake officially launched in the Philippines to increase its customer base in Southeast Asia

Data has shown to be a valuable resource for innovating the future. But the problem with data is that, if not managed properly, it can also hurt a business. It can be challenging to determine what is significant or relevant to employees’ work, particularly when there is a lot of data to manage and a large number of data points.

What are the data problems?

In addition to having too much data to handle, the majority of digitsl businesses today have experienced multiple data silos as a result of their investments in application and data platforms over a period of time within an organization. As a result, businesses today do not have a single view of either their customers’ or their business’s data.

“Now, this problem is becoming more complicated because more than 87% of the companies want to collaborate with other companies and share data. However, if you don’t have a single view of customer or single view of business within your organization, it limits your ability to share data and collaborate with other ecosystem players,” explained Sanjay Deshmukh, Senior Regional Vice President, Snowflake ASEAN and India.

Building a modern data platform is the best way to address this problem. And this up-to-date data platform should focus on the six essential components:

  • Consolidates all of the organization’s data
  • Supports all workload types regardless of the company
  • Encourages data collaboration so that businesses can maximize the value of their data
  • Is simple to use
  • Puts security first
  • Leverage multi-cloud so that businesses can be flexible

“The number one reason why there is so much of interest around Snowflake is because of the problem that we are trying to solve for our customers, which is related to data problem,” said Deshmukh. “At Snowflake, our mission is to help solve that problem for our customers and mobilize the world’s data. Therefore, that’s what we offer at Snowflake with our Data Cloud, which is built to support all of the 6 key elements.”

Snowflake addresses data problems

As the company focuses on growing its customer base in Southeast Asia, Snowflake just announced that it has officially opened in the Philippines. Tapping Snowflake as its Data Cloud partner, Globe Telecom (Globe), a leading provider of technology and digital solutions in the Philippines, has greatly  improved data-driven decision-making through data democratization.

Globe required a more scalable, agile, cost-efficient, and unified platform that would improve data accessibility and promote staff collaboration in order to be more responsive to the expanding digital expectations of Filipinos. As Globe Group expands services beyond connectivity to life-enabling solutions in healthcare, education, entertainment, digital marketing, and e-commerce, among other areas, speed in decision-making is crucial to delivering timely answers to its customers.

Dan Natindim, Vice President, Enterprise Data Office at Globe Telecom and Sanjay Deshmuck, Senior Regional Vice President, ASEAN and India at Snowflake at the media briefing.

Dan Natindim, Vice President, Enterprise Data Office at Globe Telecom and Sanjay Deshmuck, Senior Regional Vice President, ASEAN and India at Snowflake.

Through Snowflake’s unified platform and user-friendly interface, Globe gained almost limitless and highly scalable storage and computation capability, as well as close to real-time data insights. A 50% increase in yearly cost savings was made possible by Globe’s switch to a public cloud architecture thanks to Snowflake’s cloud-native technology.

“Data democratization is data at your fingertips— the ability to access, use, and explore data on your own. We want to make decision-making powered by data possible, to as many job functions in the least possible time with the least dependency from others,” said Dan Natindim, Globe Vice President for the Enterprise Data Office, Globe Telecom.

The launch in the Philippines

Customers in Southeast Asia are increasingly relying on Snowflake’s platform, which runs the Data Cloud, a worldwide network that enables Snowflake users to break down data silos and extract value from constantly expanding data volumes in safe, regulated, and legal ways.

Deshmukh added, “We are expanding our business across Southeast Asia to bring the power of the Snowflake Data Cloud to more organizations. Today we are thrilled to bring the ability to harness the power of the world’s data to the Philippines.”