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How to Ask for More Money as a DevOp

Dubbed one of the hottest areas in tech, DevOps roles are among some of the best paid within the IT sector. So how can you ensure you are maximizing your salary potential?

Though the term DevOps was coined a mere 13 years ago, the role has gone on to become an integral part of any well-functioning technology team.

From improving the quality of a product, the efficiency of a team or the overall satisfaction among customers, a great DevOps engineer helps everyone else get things done. So it’s no surprise that an increasing number of tech businesses are seeing the benefits – a Harvard Business Review survey showed that 86% of organizations felt DevOps gave them a competitive advantage, while over 65% felt it increased innovation and improved productivity.

The rising popularity of DevOps

The DevOps market is expected to grow by almost 20% in the next five years, from US$10.4 billion in 2023 to US$25.5 billion by 2028.

DevOps affects how teams work, communicate and make decisions, with a 2020 survey showing that 99% of respondents feel DevOps has had a positive impact on their organization so it’s no wonder understanding the value of great DevOps engineers has moved out of specialist tech teams and firmly into the C-suite.

Strategies for Maximising your DevOps salary

As awareness of the importance of the role has grown, so too has the job market, with increasingly enticing packages and offers. Keen to make sure you are getting what you are worth? Read on for four strategies that can help you ask for more money as a DevOps.

1. Outline the breadth of your experience

DevOps engineers are rarely entry-level roles; a multi-disciplinary background and several years of technical experience is a requirement in most roles, which is one of the reasons that salaries, in general, tend to skew higher.

Make sure your resume lists all of your relevant experience (including side or personal projects) and shows you working with a wide variety of tools tackling a broad range of challenges.

2. Showcase your love of the new (and knowledge of the old)

While organizations are keen to reap the benefits of automation and AI, the reality is that many still rely on legacy systems and apps to get things done and can be slower to adopt newer tech.


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Being able to show both a thorough understanding of previous-generation technologies as well as expertise and passion for new approaches will make you a much more desirable candidate than someone who is simply well-versed in the latest trending tech, widening the pool of places you could work at and making salary negotiations more fruitful.

3. Demonstrate impact

In many companies, DevOps acts as a multiplier for the dev team; your job is to help everyone else work more efficiently. Being able to show how you have done that will be key.

From spotting choke points to automating drudge work, make sure you can easily list specific things you did to increase efficiency or get recommendations from teammates and managers to include in your resume.

4. Don’t forget your soft skills

You might boast a killer DevOps tech stack, but it’s just as important to highlight your soft skills when applying for roles.

At its core, DevOps is an empathetic role, from understanding the pain points and friction around releasing and production to figuring out ways to make them more reliable and streamlined.

Being able to listen and communicate is a huge part of the job so highlighting how well you have applied soft skills will give you an edge over someone purely focused on technical abilities.

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