Facebook: It’s email Jim, but not as we know it


Facebook has unveiled a new messaging system which has instant messaging and text messages. Oh, and email just happens to be a part of it. It looks just about every form of internet communication is under threat. Internet telephony is not part of it, which excludes Skype, but everyone else has a real issue at hand.

This is not an email killer. This is a messaging experience that includes email as one part of it,” Zuckerberg said. (TC)

And we already know that 20 percent of the people will replace email with social networking by 2014. For some age groups it is already happening. Kids think that email is too much. And email is cumbersome, as per Zuckerberg. It has a to address, subject line etc… Facebook’s messaging system will skip all that and jump directly to the message.

This new messaging system will be rolled out to all 500 million subscribers. It will be interesting to see how the text messaging part be managed as they will be dealing with hundreds of telecom operators. What this also means is the free SMS services and social networking services which work on SMS only are at risk.

As for email, well what can I say? It’s not an obituary yet but it might become the snail mail of this generation. Zuckerberg is right. Email is complicated. Now we will not be managing email overload but Facebook overload.