Google mash-up highlights media deaths in Asia during 2010

The sheer volume of information available online combined with growth of APIs and creative individuals can make for incredibly innovative projects and clever communication and delivery of information.

One such example is this map of journalists killed in the line of duty during 2010.

Using information from the CPJ (Committee to Protect Journalists) serial Google Maps mash-up enthusiast Virender Ajmani (if you don’t believe the description check out his website) pulled together an incredible visual which shows where in the world journalists have died on duty during 2010, whilst also providing detailed information on each journalist.

Virender says of his creation:

The map has numbered markers which when clicked opens up information window which lists name of journalist, employer, date killed, location killed and a brief description of the incident. The map also has a sidebar which lists names of journalists killed. Clicking on the name of the journalist in the sidebar opens up the corresponding information window above the incident location in the map. The list is sorted by date when the journalist was killed.

The data from CJP is shocking enough in itself but the visual shows clearly the sheer scale of journalists have been killed across the globe this year. Asia has a large number of pins across it, arguably only Central America (around Mexico) has seen more incidents as a region.

The data is sorted by city with Bangkok’s total of 28 eclipsed only by Janakpur in Nepal. While the Philippines’ three pins bear witness to the country’s combined toll of 39 journalist deaths.

The visual is uncomfortable viewing for the Thai government and others across Asia.

H/t to @legalsnomads