It happens only in China – 15 story hotel built in 6 days!

A 15 story hotel is built in six days flat. And there are absolutely no typos in that sentence. Chinese construction workers in south-central Chinese city of Changsha has built everything except the foundation in sixdays. The package includes thermal insulation, cabling, windows and everything that are needed for a building. All the material including columns are prefabricated. This has saved a lot on the construction and material cost and the waste is a mere one percent. Now isn’t that wonderful?

China has impressed the world with its economic growth and Beijing Olympics. It has surprised the world with its longest ever traffic jam. Now China is at it again. With this six day construction feat, China has both impressed and surprised the world.

If six days is a highly compressed time for building a building, then the six days is compressed to a 2 minute video. A must watch :