DesignCrowd launches in the Asia Pacific

Crowdsourcing has grown to be a popular means to gain synergy in online resources. For instance, reference material like Wikipedia is actually a crowd-sourced effort, with contributions from experts, authors and ordinary users from around the world. Another example will include crowd-funding sites like Kickstarter, which lets entrepreneurs raise money from the crowd by accepting micro-payments and investments.

Design is yet another field in which crowdsourcing can be effective, as evident in design contests and submissions. With this in mind, Australian company DesignCrowd has announced its launch in the Asia Pacific market.

DesignCrowd basically brings together graphic and web designers and their prospective clients through an innovative way. Unlike the usual freelancer-client setup in which a client screens prospective applicants’ portfolios, DesignCrowd lets clients offer a prize for the best designs. Freelancers can then submit their proposed designs through a contest setup. Instead of the usual job listings, the client will then choose which freelance graphic design work is the best and then award the prize to the top designers.

Aside from websites, DesignCrowd also features design for other items including T-shirts, mugs, logos and the like.

The service is now available to users from the Philippines, India and Singapore, among other Asian and Asia Pacific. My colleague, Jacky Yap featured an interview with the startup founders over at e27.