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GoDaddy is bringing a suite of hosting services to India. Source: GoDaddy

GoDaddy India rolls out dedicated SME program to boost cybersecurity

GODADDY INDIA recently launched a dedicated program for small and medium-sized businesses in the Asian country, with the iconic IT firm rolling out an Online Security Program for its customers starting this November.

According to a report from the Economic Times, GoDaddy’s initiative is primarily geared towards SMEs and the importance of creating a secure online identity. According to the ET report, the Internet domain provider’s new program is also designed to boost trust and satisfaction with its wide consumer base.

Apart from enhancing its engagement with SMEs in the country, GoDaddy also announced the launch of Premium Website Security, a security system powered by Sucuri and TrustedSite services. Pushing the new cybersecurity platform, GoDaddy is offering a 40 percent discount for its customers who would like to take advantage of Premium Website Security, at least until Dec 15.

In an interview with SME Times, GoDaddy India vice-president and managing director Nikhil Arora described the rationale of the domain giant and the company’s massive support for SMEs. According to Nikhil, the Internet domain firm has always prioritized small and medium-sized businesses, particularly those which are actively attempting to establish an online presence.

“The mission of GoDaddy Inc. is to shift the global economy towards independent ventures and small business. So essentially, we want small business and independent ventures to easily start, confidently grow, and successfully run their business,” he said.

“Ultimately, that’s the segment we focus on. We focus on micro, small and medium enterprises and really want to help them in their journey to become digital.”

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Small businesses in India could get a cybersecurity boost with GoDaddy’s new platform services. Source: Shutterstock

Apart from establishing the importance of SMEs to the domain provider, Nikhil also asserted the importance of cybersecurity among businesses with an online presence. According to the executive, the current landscape of the digital enterprise means that cybersecurity measures are a must for SMEs.

“Security features are a must. Nowadays, numbers of hacking tricks are coming through, and one can lose stuff overnight. Our intention is to bring small businesses online and then migrate them over time to high-end products. So that’s why our pricing is very much focused on adoption, education, and usability.”

If any, Nikhil teased that its ongoing initiatives for the country’s SMEs are but the beginning. Apart from hosting services and building websites, he stated that GoDaddy India would most likely expand to mobile services in the near future.

“Yes, we have domain, website builder, hosting and then productivity tools like business emails and SSL. Also, mobile is a big space, as today in India, close to a billion people are on mobile, especially in Tier 2 and Tier 3 towns. It is like mobile first, so we will also look at mobile-friendly technology.

“The mobile space is such as we either make our existing products more mobile friendly or have new products before it becomes mobile only.  So I think the whole mobile online space would be a portfolio segment where we look at in the future.”