As more and more companies begin to move their operations to the cloud, the need for holistic security solutions has risen. Source: Shutterstock

NSFOCUS steps up security for SoftBank, Alibaba Cloud partnership

THE SB CLOUD CORPORATION, a cloud computing services joint venture between Japan’s SoftBank Group Corp. and Alibaba Group, will be teaming up with NSFOCUS to bring more secure solutions to the network.

NSFOCUS’s Web Application Security solutions – already available to millions of Alibaba Cloud – will be paired to bring more security to cloud computing, which has become one of the most popular system processing platforms in the world. SB Cloud will be included in NSFOCUS’s coverage, which will hopefully introduce widespread coverage for users of the platform.

The integration of NSFOCUS into the wider SB Cloud ecosystem is symptomatic of a wider industry trend towards relying cloud computing systems, and the need for improved information security as more data is kept on server farms. Increasing rates of cyberattacks all across the globe has spurred businesses to begin to think about cybersecurity in a holistic way, rather than as an add-on, which is evident in NSFOCUS’s integration with SB Cloud.

“Public cloud services continue to gain traction in Asia, as a result of the cost model, speed of implementation and ease of use,” NSFOCUS senior vice-president Attley Ng said in a statement.

“As businesses migrate to the cloud to enable digital transformation, they have ever higher security requirements especially in the context that a large number of these cyberattacks today are aimed at the application layer.”

SB Cloud has become a key supporter of Alibaba’s Japan business by helping the Chinese e-commerce giant penetrate the market. Launched in 2016, the partnership has brought businesses of startup size to multinationals scalable, cost-effective services, though it had previously lacked a comprehensive security feature.

It could also add further incentive to Japanese businesses who are looking to enter the Chinese market, but who are also nervous about the potential for cyberattacks. The partnership with NSFOCUS will allow Japanese companies to offer their services and products to Chinese customers on a secure platform.

NSFOCUS makes use of next-generation machine learning technology in its attack detection systems, which gives companies real-time information about the frequency and type of such instances.  

“Our fully integrated Web Application Security solution proactively identifies vulnerabilities and automatically mitigates threats, provides greater security for SB Cloud, and keeping businesses running even under the most extreme conditions,” Ng said.