Email spam could have an elegant solution. Source: Shutterstock

Personal introductions could help reduce email spam

EMAIL SPAM is real. The reason is that the email protocol is such an inexpensive thing to use is that marketers have started abusing it.

“Marketers ruin everything” – Gary Vaynerchuk

Last week, Earn took the Internet by storm when they launched their Gmail integration, which enables the filtering out all the emails that aren’t paid for. The easiest way to battle the abuse of inexpensive protocol is to make it expensive.

But is putting up a paywall the right solution?


I agree, there has to be a paywall to save ourselves from the spam. I know some companies and products are, right now as we speak, trying to understand my behavior and target me with their emails.

But I don’t care, until I really care to listen to them.

Instead of having to make people pay to reach someone, why can’t we just ask them for an introduction?

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Introductions could be a good way of weeding out which connections you want to keep. Source: Shutterstock

Worthy Introductions

Introductions are a great way to reach someone who considers their time as of the most value. In this scenario, our inboxes would be programmed to filter out all the emails that don’t originate from a white-listed email addresses. The only way to get an email address white-listed is to get introduced by someone whose email address is already white-listed.

This way, you’ve made the email protocol expensive to use because now you have to spend time to convince someone to introduce you. What do you think?

Thanks to Jordan!

This idea was inspired by a tweet by Jordan Odinsky, a very close friend.

It is his idea in entirety and is shared here with his permission. If you like the idea, don’t forget to give him a shout out on Twitter.

Republished with permission from Unmade