Malwarebyte has suggested five tips for avoiding cyber threats this Singles’ Day. Source:

Shopping for deals this Singles’ Day? So are cyber criminals

SINGLES’ Day is approaching and shoppers are waiting to get their hands on the vast array of the jaw-dropping deals. But while you are getting the Singles’ Day fever, a dark circle of cyber criminals is waiting to take advantage of the online shopping activities.

With Singles’ Day being incredibly busy, it is a time cyber criminals can pose major threats. Therefore, it is crucial you are wary of, and prepared for, all the threats you may encounter.┬áSuch threats may include fake emails and spam campaigns from criminals posing a big-name brands.

As a result of the increased cybercrime activity during the holiday period, and in particular Singles’ Day, Malwarebytes has suggested five simple tips to eliminate the risk of becoming a victim of cybercrime and ending up with a deal you didn’t sign up for.

Use encrypted Wi-Fi

The first tip from Malwarebytes is to always, if possible, connect through a virtual private network instead of using public Wi-Fi. When you enter private information using public Wi-Fi, everyone else who is also accessing the network can access your information too. Using a private network enables your transmitted data to be much more safe and secure.

Use next-generation antivirus solutions

The safety of your online transactions is directly related to the safety of your own computer. Install an anti-malware solution that does not rely on signature-based technologies to keep you safe. According to Malwarebytes, the best bet is to find a solution that provides real-time protection and comes with multiple layers of protection.

Use third-party payment processors

It is suggested your preferred payment method should be trusted third-party payment processors such as PayPal. You should avoid using debit cards since they have direct access to your bank account, and if hackers gain access to this information, they have access to all of your funds.

Credit cards should also be a preferred payment method as credit card companies are legally obligated to protect their customers from online fraud. Debit cards are not equipped with the same security measures, so it is best to avoid using them online.

Always “https”, never “http”

So you have found your bargains, added them to your shopping cart and are about to enter your payment details. STOP, and check that the navigation bar displays https and not http. The ‘s’ stands for secure connection as the network is encrypting your information, allowing only you and the merchant to view your payment details.

Shop directly

During Singles’ Day, your inbox may be inundated with emails offering you incredible deals, but it is important to watch out for phishing emails.

Instead of following the links provided by emails or social media posts highlighting great deals, it is encouraged to shop directly via the retailer’s website. If the deals are legitimate, you will still be able to access it on the retailer’s website, avoiding the risk of entering a potentially dangerous spoof site.