Brands must explore relevant digital solutions that support innovative efforts. Source: Shutterstock

Brands must explore relevant digital solutions that support innovative efforts. Source: Shutterstock

Sarah Lian believes innovative digital platforms can help brands grow

BRANDS are becoming proficient at using technology solutions to support continuous growth and increase revenues.

This is especially true in an increasingly digital age where innovative efforts are necessary to deliver powerful content that can reach target audiences.

At least, that is what actress and influencer Sarah Lian thinks about the need for brands to innovate.

Lian recently spoke to Tech Wire Asia about how digital solutions and online platforms that can help brands engage efficiently with audiences and clients.

Steadily, but surely, brands will need to digitalize more of their work processes and data systems to expand revenues and meet clients’ expectations.

Lian believes that while social media campaigns are common, establishing a digital platform that is tailored to a brand’s services and products would be a more effective strategy.

“There is power in making your content constantly accessible,” said Lian while also emphasizing on user-friendly front-end application designs.

The most attractive aspect of digital solutions is the agility, scalability, and stability they offer to brands so they can constantly launch and promote new projects while also maintaining core competencies.

Often, this means using cloud-based solutions and software services — technologies that are now considered essential building blocks of digital transformation.

Lian also said brands must proactively look for ways to retain audiences and clients on their digital platform by consistently improving the applications that are featured online and personalizing the browsing experience for frequent and returning clients.

Naturally, data management tools must also be deployed so that information can be processed seamlessly and brands can have better insights on how clients are interacting with their platforms.

Brands must also realize that relying on digital solutions will free up employees’ time and allow them to work on tasks that require critical, high-order skills.

As a result, operational time is reduced and efficiency is maximized, making it easier for brands to pursue other digital projects and scale improvements on the back of platform applications.

As an influencer, Lian is keen on embracing innovation to accommodate the demands of the digital world.

Brands looking to elevate their market value and gain a business edge, Lian advised, must tap into digital capabilities to place them ahead of the competition.