4G Internet now in Hong Kong


Just when we thought that Hong Kong has the latest trend in delivering high-speed Internet access, mobile network operator CSL has redefined another chapter in providing fast wireless access in the city.

Dubbed as the ‘fourth generation’ wireless Internet, the new system — currently being rolled out by CSL in partnership with China’s ZTE Corporation — allows people to watch movies or live sports action while in the streets, or practically anywhere else.  

By implementing the so-called Long Term Evolution (LTE) network, there is no need for domestic broadband packages to avail of the highest speeds. Hence, enjoyment of high definition movies can now be enjoyed wirelessly. The system promises to provide speeds of up to 100 megabits per second (Mbps). So there’s no more need to rush home or pre-record TV dramas when you can watch them live on the road.

This development will definitely bring entertainment and interaction among internet users into new levels. Audio quality for Internet-based telephone conversations becomes even clearer. Enthusiasts can play network games with ease and downloading files can be done quickly. And if I subscribe to NBA’s League Pass, I’d be assured that I won’t miss any action if I were to access it with a compatible mobile device.

Consumer services are due to launch in early 2011.