Just how important is the cloud for business?

With the increasing need for faster collaboration and better access to data, cloud computing has become an integral part of business today. Across different industries, the requirements also vary. Some businesses would only require productivity and collaboration suites, such as those offered by Microsoft’s Office 365 and Google Apps for Business. Some enterprises, however, would require a virtualized layer for running their applications within a cloud environment. Yet for some, services like AWS and Microsoft Azure are integral in offering services to their customers.

The key thing here, however, is the speed through which enterprises can access their clouds. Some companies would opt for private clouds or a mix of public and private clouds through a hybrid model. This ensures fast access to their data and applications right where it is needed. But what if access is necessary from different parts of the world? Here is where redundancies and content distribution networks will play an important part. This makes it feasible for businesses that transfer huge amounts of data to access their content without difficulty. While it’s not necessarily a deal breaker for most businesses that deal with the cloud, for companies with mission critical apps, being faster by a few seconds might just make the difference between success and failure.