Tokyo police launch interceptor drone squad

POLICE in Tokyo plan to introduce interceptor drones to catch suspicious drones in sensitive areas.


“The interceptors, dangling a rectangular net and equipped with a camera, will only be deployed against suspicious drones after attempts to locate and warn their operators.

The latest regulations ban drone flights near airports, in densely populated areas and anywhere more than 150 metres off the ground.

Violators face a fine of up to 500,000 yen ($A5,550).”

Japan has moved to tighten drone regulations after a 40 year old man protesting over the government’s nuclear energy policy was arrested for flying a drone carrying radioactive sand on to the prime minister’s roof in April.

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The April incident triggered a security alert and raised fears that extremists could use the same technology to carry out their attacks. Following the incident, Japan said it would consider regulating drone flights and beef up the monitoring of airspace above important facilities such as nuclear power plants and airports.

The drone that landed on Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s roof was equipped with a small camera and carried sand from the Fukushima prefecture.

According to the ABC, the man arrested, Yasuo Yamamoto, said he sent the drone on April 9 and planned to land it in front of Shinzo Abe’s office but lost control of it. It took two weeks before officials found it.

Tokyo’s metropolitan government banned drones in the 81 municipal parks of the capital in May this year for the danger they posed to children.