public relations teams are constantly trying to make their clients look good - and tech can help. Source: Shutterstock

public relations teams are constantly trying to make their clients look good – and tech can help. Source: Shutterstock

How public relations specialists are using technology to delight clients

PROFESSIONALS in the public relations space are always working hard to help clients get their share of the spotlight.

In the digital-first world, it’s not just about showcasing and championing clients to use technology but also ensuring that they themselves are leveraging technology to get the best possible outcome.

To get a glimpse into the world of public relations and their perspective of the potential that technology holds, Tech Wire Asia spoke to Priority Consultants VP and Managing Consultant – Client Services Nolan Jeremy Ovinis.

“Change is a constant in our industry. We have been around for over 35 years and we’ve had to constantly adapt. We want to remain relevant to our clients and also our employees, so leveraging on technology is the best way to achieve that.”

Ovinis revealed that there’s actually quite a lot of technology that consultants in his field use in order to delight customers every day.

“PR is fluid and at times measuring it can be tricky. But with technology and online monitoring/measuring tools, we are able to deliver deep analyses of media relations, influencer or social media communications including data on impact factor, impressions, and even the re-publishing success on social.”

When clients are able to measure their budget spends more effectively and use data to map their next course of action, they recognize the value that public relations specialists bring to the business and see — often quantitatively — how they add momentum to the growth objectives of the business.

Another area that Ovinis sees technology help public relations specialists is in the realm of productivity and efficiency.

“Our people are already realizing the benefits of leveraging technology; from being more efficient and productive to fare greater and better communications and collaboration internally and externally.

“Being a regional digital and media communications company, we need to adapt to the changes and ensure we deliver the same quality of work, regardless of where we are and technology helps us ensure that happens.”

Ovinis, however, does agree that at the end of the day, leveraging technology to its full potential requires a ‘mind-set recalibration’. Given the competitive and fast-paced environment that public relations professionals need to operate in, however, ignoring technology isn’t a sustainable move.

Priority Consultants, obviously, isn’t ignoring the industry-agnostic call for digital transformation.

In 2020, the firm intends to leverage cloud-based solutions, collaborative and interactive tools for better client engagement, as well as analytical measurement technologies and artificial intelligence-driven toolkits to augment the value it provides in the digital-first era.

Realistically speaking, no public relations specialist or firm can risk ignoring technology.

Failure to go digital and lead with technology-based innovations might signal to clients that the firm doesn’t have a finger on the pulse of the market — which could prove quite catastrophic given the nature of the business and industry overall.