Minglebox – Apply to 100 MBA colleges in 1 click

The single most thing I dreaded in my school and college days is the application process. I still have the appphobia. I still get this from time to time when I am filing my tax returns or applying for any new account. I am sure many of the students out there are facing the same problem.

Minglebox is simplifying the application process for MBA students. After a student fills in the common details, Minglebox lets the users apply to 100 MBA colleges with just one click. The personal details are saved and are replicated across MBA applications. Minglebox also has reminder features which will help the students with the due dates. Life has never been this easier.

This might not be a complete online solution. This is a hybrid approach of online-offline model. In the application process, Minglebox has leaned and digitized all the processes which it can digitize. I think this is what is happening in the background :

The forms of various colleges are scanned and digitized and the personal details are reproduced on the app form and made available as a pdf. The student then downloads the pdf, prints out and sends out the application to the respective college with whatever fees required. 

Not many colleges allow online applications or online fees. This is the biggest challenge for the online application model. And as per the press release this is a yet-to-come feature from Minglebox.

To further this initiative, Minglebox.com is working towards an association with major colleges in making this application process completely online and adding features like allowing students to pay the form fee online. The company is also looking at expanding these online applications to a larger pool of colleges. (Press Release)

Complete online or a hybrid approach, Minglebox has leaned out the process and I like that. You only have to fill your details once and it is replicated across a 100 possible applications. I don’t think any one person would apply for 100 different colleges but even applying for 10 different colleges would now be easier.

I wish I had this when I was filling out my MBA applications. No wait, I never filled out an MBA application.