A simple list of Indonesian tech investors

Investment in Indonesia is going crazy these days, everyone’s doing something with tech startups – sort of. These days, I’m seeing more fund being set up rather than high-quality startup launches, which proofs that everybody is trying to get a piece of the cake but the startups aren’t prepared yet, or the startups simply doesn’t need fund (less likely).

So, in this post I’m gonna give some overview info on the several tech investment funds being set up to invest in Indonesian startup companies, their background and portfolios. Hopefully this can give you guys a clear objective comparison on the investors currently active on looking and partnering with startups in a form of an incubator, business accelerator or venture capital.

East Ventures

The first investment company focusing on tech startups in Indonesia, based in Singapore but managed by 3 Indonesians : Batara Eto (ex Mixi.jp), Chandra and Willson Cuaca (XSago). They also have partners in Japan, I would guess most of their fund came from Japanese investors. East Ventures usually invest in early stage startups, and we’ve heard that each investment ranging from US$ 200-500k in exchange for 15-30% equity.

Check out their website

Portfolio : Tokopedia, Urbanesia, Disdus (sold to Groupon), Penn-Olson, TeknoUp, Scraplr, AppsFoundry, PriceArea, Nightspade.

MerahPutih Inc,

An incubation fund set up by Djarum Group that gives incubation space, resources and capital for early-mid stage startups. MPI take at least 25% equity in exchange for capital, office space, human resources, marketing effort etc. They’re a part of a larger fund, GDP Ventures, will be explained below.

Check out their website

Portfolio : Dailysocial (yep, that’s us), Krazymarket, Infokost, Bolalob, Lintas.me.

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