Interview: MbakDiskon’s strategy for the future

On Wednesday I had the opportunity to meet  the founder of one local daily deals services in Yogyakarta, Her name is Anggit Tut Pinilih (@anggitut), S2 student who is completing her thesis at one of the top universities in Yogyakarta.

MbakDiskon is the first daily deals service in Jogjakarta and is still very new. The startup was launched in March and is still much to be repaired by MbakDiskon, both in terms of online and offline. For the payment system similar to other daily deals service is by using the account of BCA or Bank Mandiri, use the T-Cash service from Telkomsel and for offline payment can be done at Swaragama FM Radio’s office.

As DailySocial featured several times previously, on page “How-it-Works“, MbakDiskon has maximized it much better than before. “When we read DailySocial’s article about it, we immediately checked that page. It turned out the picture on the instructions page was the server was affected by spams and deleted some files in it, including the images contained on the pages in MbakDiskon’s How-it-Works “, said Anggit.

Here are some questions posed to Anggit Tut Pinilih :

1. How do MbakDiskon respond regarding DealKeren joining the competition in Jogjakarta?

It’s a good thing! Business without competition will not develop, if there are no competitors we will not be able to innovate. And the more competition the better it will be, meaning that deals daily socialization services to consumers and merchants will become increasingly widespread.

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