Steve Jobs biography released worldwide today

By Anastasia Wang

Today a book will appear in book stores around the world –  Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson. At this moment, the Chinese version is almost done, and the editors are proofreading it for the last time. Asian Correspondent’s Anastasia Wang interviewed the chief editor of the Chinese version biography, Mr Zhao.

“It [the book] tells the world what Jobs has done and Apple’s development in the last 20 years,” Zhao said. “Walter Isaacson is a well-known biography writer. He interviewed more than 100 people for this book, including Jobs’ friends and rivals. This book is much more objective and detailed than others.”

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs. Pic: AP.

It seems that Jobs always had innovative idea to reform the world and bring people’s life onto a brand-new stage, from the first personal computers to the iPod and iTunes (which changed the music industry). More recently, the iPhone has put the Internet in people’s pockets while the iPad is currently leading another revolution.

Without a doubt, he was a genius. “What the world is like now is what Jobs had imagined 20 years ago,” Zhao said. “All these ideas stayed in Jobs’ mind for 20 years. He just realized them one by one, no matter what barriers were in front of him. To me… he succeeds because he persists. He sticks to perfection. And when his partners agreed with him, their talents made a huge difference.”

With the release of the new book we will all be able to get a better idea of what made this great man tick.