Deal-Aggregator Site Dealgoing Shares Indonesian Online Consumer Insights, a social meta site that serves other nations such as Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines, has revealed results of a recent survey on online shopping site users in Indonesia. By far, this is the first time that such details on online shopping preferences has been disclosed by a startup company in Indonesia.

Dealgoing is confident of a good year for e-commerce sites in Asia in 2012

Respondents to the survey involved 65% female  and 35% male, with 66% of working in private sector companies, 15% college students, 10% entrepreneurs, and 3% civil servants, students, and housewives. As for educational background, 64% reached undergraduate level, 17% Senior High School, and 14% with Master Degrees. Their average age is between 20 and 39 years old.

73% of the respondents visited online shopping sites on a daily basis, and the top three products bought are food, gadgets and travel services. With road traffic getting worse from day to day, and with most of the internet users are concentrated in major cities, the popularity of buying from e-commerce sites is growing. No detailed information was revealed on how many visitors shop daily, and what kind of food is frequently bought, though.

As for the value of e-commerce transactions, purchases of IDR 75.000 to IDR 150.000 (US$ 8.4 to US$ 16.8 to ) ranked first at 35%, followed by IDR 150.000 to IDR 300.000 (US$ 16.8 to US$ 33.6) with 22% and above IDR 300.000 with 12% respondents.

Results are quite predictable. Most visitors prefer to buy products or discount vouchers based on its price and location, with particular preference on merchant stores within one’s vicinity.

Shopping Mall Cart

Aside from disclosing the survey results, Dealgoing has also launched its Shopping Mall Chart, which they claim is the first marketplace aggregator intended to promote e-commerce businesses in Indonesia.  The service will aggregate available discounts on products from various online marketplaces and retail establishments across the nation. Thees will be ranked based on the discount level and price. According to CEO Edward Kim, this marked Dealgoing’s initial step of establishing the Indonesia E-Commerce Association in developing the industry sustainably.

Their business has been growing positively in the last six months with IDR 1,365 billion (US$ 152.88 million) as targeted revenue this year resulting from coupons, banners, tags advertisement, third party merchants and business consulting.