India on Facebook [Infographic]

India is very important to Facebook’s future growth, with the country recently becoming the top Asian nation and top nation outside the US for Facebook with 44 million subscribers. Facebook, after its IPO, might well replace Nokia as a top brand in India. It might soon be “Food, Water and Facebook” for Indians.

How is this Facebook Juggernaut doing in India across age groups? And what are the top brands using Facebook? SocialBakers has some answers. In this neat infographic, the folks at SocialBakers have visualized India’s Facebook phenomenon with respect to brands.

What’s interesting to note is the demographics on Facebook. A whopping 49% on Facebook are in the 18-24 age group. The next biggest demographic is the 25-34 age group with 28% presence. That’s a near monopoly for the ages 18 – 34.

Facebook in India at a Glance

Tata DoCoMo is the top brand on Facebook with 5,908,000 fans. It has been the brand I have been following up and they seems to be knowing what they are doing. Of course, Facebook fans doesn’t necessarily mean higher ARPU’s nor greater revenues but an achievement nevertheless.

Kingfisher, which is reeling under a lot of debt, is the number two brand. It might not be airlines though. It could be beer or the its famous calendar. I’m pretty sure it’s the beer, because that’s one thing which transcends all demographics and geographical considerations.

Car brands like BMW, Volkswagen, Ford and Alto have a greater engagement rate. Body Shop India and Cafe Coffee Day have the most response rate.

No wonder all the brands might have been worried with the report that said the young are fed up with Facebook. Are the young really fed up with Facebook? I don’t think so. All they need is some new friends. If they have too many friends on Facebook then they always have Path. Oh! That’s the startup which saves your contacts data secretly and apologizes later. Maybe they should stick to Facebook and make it less boring.