Can AI really turbocharge your CRM? Source: Shutterstock

Can AI really turbocharge your CRM? Source: Shutterstock

Here’s how AI can really turbocharge your CRM software

CUSTOMERS are the most important group to every business and delighting them is a real priority — it’s why customer experience (CX) has become such an important goal in recent years.

The software that manages customer data is usually the customer relationship management (CRM) software and it’s the tool that several teams within the business use to engage with customers.

As a result, many companies are wondering how they can improve what their traditional CRM offers to them — and artificial intelligence (AI) seems to be a technology that has the power to offer something interesting.

Here are some ways companies are now using AI to improve their CRM:

# 1 | Task automation

AI can help with automating tasks for the business, eliminating not only efforts that are duplicated across the organization but also ensuring that there are fewer human errors that creep in.

For example, once sales executives make an entry in the CRM, task automation can help the business ensure that nobody else is working on that particular client and that every other team knows the progress with the lead because new-age CRMs can help auto-fill records for other teams.

# 2 | Lead customization

Lead customization is an important part of new-age CRMs that have been turbocharged with AI and can really help sales teams up their game.

Essentially, AI engines take stock of all the information that the company knows about the customer or the lead and then makes an assessment about how those customers (or rather, those types of customers) must be approached, at what time of the day, and in what way.

Sometimes, AI can even provide a more crisp message that particularly resonates with that group.

# 3 | Lead prioritization

Just as AI can help with lead customization, it can also help with lead prioritization.

Companies often generate hundreds or even thousands of leads every day, and for sales teams to get cracking on with speaking to each one can be time-consuming — and also cause them to lose out on valuable sales if they fail to cover all the leads.

Using AI, the CRM can help sales teams perform better and maximize their results by analyzing the leads and spotting customers or groups that are most likely to make a purchase.

# 4 | Customer retention

CRMs also help customer relations managers retail customers, and AI can go a long way in understanding and engaging with customers.

Using AI, CRMs are able to crunch the numbers when it comes to after-sales engagement and direct staff towards reaching out to customers who have reduced their engagement with their brand to understand their pain points and concerns — and improve their overall CX.

This would have been absolutely impossible previously, without AI.