World-leading brands have world-leading hiring strategies, with Top Employers Institute

The most successful companies around the globe know that when it comes to attracting talent, standing still and hoping for the best is no option.

As organizations continue to go digital, and no industry remains exempt from the imposition of agile new disruptors, strategies and practices on the hiring table must flex and adapt. Market-leaders are bolstering their ranks with the best and brightest individuals capable of not just navigating, but conquering the digital frontier that lies ahead.

Top Employers Institute works with some of the most famous brands in the APAC region– it’s a fact that goes some way to explaining the standards to which it holds its members.

In the midst of digital transformation taking place across all sectors and talent shortages affecting three-quarters of employers, these firms– which include the likes of DHL, Tata Steel Consultancy, Adidas, Sanofi and SAP– are able to attract and retain an in-flow of skilled, diverse talent, ready to catalyze fresh ways of thinking when they need it most.

Of course, it’s easy to imagine brands of this stature require little in the way of proactive talent acquisition– we imagine recruits would be queuing to add these high-profile employers to their resume– but that’s just not the case. No organization today is immune from the pressures of a job-seekers’ market, and the top-flight know the work never stops in creating a working environment that can secure good talent, and allows it to prosper.

Top Employers Institute

Top Employers Institute is an independent body specializing in best practice for employment. It’s devoted to its cause, with 25 years’ experience, and a global community comprising 1,500 organizations representing 6 million employees. This is an organization that understands the Human Resources market better than most.

In a previous article, Tech Wire Asia shed light on how Top Employers Institute guides its members with the very best people-practices to do better in their market space. We showed that the path to becoming an accredited Top Employer involves dedication and determination: following an in-depth review of current practices, organizations must demonstrate adherence to continuous improvement, and, ultimately, an employee-first culture in the real sense of the phrase.

In this article, we meet some of those brands up-close. We find out what becoming Top Employer accredited, and being recognized as the “best of the best” in HR and recruitment, really means.

Given the caliber of those companies that have gained the Top Employers Institute Certification, prospective members are held to the highest of standards. The Top Employer community breeds ‘friendly’ competition, but of more value are the lessons that can be learned from the success of peers, and the HR and recruitment authorities among them.

That’s the type of message that’s spreading from employer to employer as organizations share best practice with one another: “We’re part of a community of other companies that have achieved similar accreditation and that’s what really helps us in the market place as we compete for talent,” said Johan van Vuuren, Director of People and Culture at Dimension Data Asia-Pacific.

There is a wealth of media that members have access to, such as seminars, podcasts, benchmark reports and more, plus there are some amazing networking opportunities too— places to learn from the very best and share experiences. For UST Global, the digital technology services company, the opportunities go deep:

“The Top Employer accreditation in five geographies including US, UK, Spain, Mexico and India has helped UST Global attract some of the best minds in the industry, to engage with us in our organization’s stated mission of “transforming lives”. The path toward the certification itself and the insights from Top Employers Institute have also helped reinforce the need to focus on matters of importance and relevance today including diversity & inclusion, talent readiness for the digital transformation age, adaptive systems for constantly changing needs and priorities of the millennial workforce,” said the firm’s Human Resources Director Global, Jude James.

From a technical standpoint, James said the journey to certification and subsequent knowledge gained through networking– such as what mediums are most suited to attracting talent within each sector or demographic–  have returned tangible value in the form of increased visits to its site and inquiries.

The Top Employers Institute Certification is the first step to unlocking an organization’s true potential in the hiring department; and with people the real driving force of the entire outfit, optimizing in this regard translates to a lot more than just a team of talented and motivated individuals. At the root of the world’s best companies is a legacy of stellar talent management, and Top Employers Institute knows that starts at the hiring table.

Being the first step, however, means just that Top Employers Institute is a community for employers that know they can never stand still, where attracting and retaining talent is not a set of guidelines– written and cast to the wayside– but a process of continual observation, enhancement, and action.

Learn more about Top Employers Institute, and enquire about beginning the path to certification today.